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What Makes Our Tiles Better?

When it comes to garage floor tiles, it can be confusing as there are many different types available.

Although many look similar online, having a close up look at the different options is always advised as what might seem like a great deal when you’re comparing products online may not be value for money in the long term. We love to send out free samples which can be ordered online so you can see the quality for yourself.

You’ll also want to see the fire retardancy data from any flooring supplier so if you have a fire there won’t be any toxic fumes and you’ll be covered by your home insurance. This may sound like scaremongering but independent tests have shown some of the cheap tiles being sold in the UK have traces of lead, arsenic and cadmium. But don’t just take our word for it – ask for a sample and give it a  sniff – you’ll wish you hadn’t! Then imagine the smell given off by a garage full of tiles in an enclosed space. This is just one common problem found with cheaply made recycled tiles.

We are proud of being recognised as the UK's premier garage flooring company and this is mainly due to the superior products we offer and the extensive after sales support. 

All of our tiles are manufactured in the UK using premium quality clean PVC which is why we can offer our 10 year manufacturers warranty. Unlike any competitors our tiles are ISO9001 certified so you can have piece of mind that our tiles really are the best garage flooring option.

We are proud to have some of the biggest UK brands as clients as well as a list of celebrities who put their trust in our product.

If you want a great product with the service to match look no further and join our community of happy customers! 

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