The UK's Best Hexagon Lighting (Lighting For Garages/Showrooms/Detailing Bays/Tattoo Studios/Barbershops, etc.)

The UK's Best Hexagon Lighting (Lighting For Garages/Showrooms/Detailing Bays/Tattoo Studios/Barbershops, etc.)

Hexagon Lighting

Are you looking for quality lights that will make your garage/detailing bay/gym or studio really stand out? At Garage Style we pride ourselves on our large range of hexagon lighting fixtures that can completely transform and brighten up any space. 

Our hexagon lights are easy to install, with each kit being supplied with a clear and concise instruction manual that will explain the process, from unboxing the lights, to attaching the LED tubes together all the way up until you fix them into the wall or ceiling and power them up!

With hundreds of kits ready to ship from our warehouse in the U.K, we've got the capability to ship a lighting kit to wherever you are in the world, and you can rest assured that it will come from one of the most trusted garage fit-out companies in the country - us.




Our Lighting (The Technical Bits):

Brilliant 6500K White Light 

110-120 lm/w Luminous flux rating

5 Years Warranty 

60,000 Hours Working Lifespan! 

Our lighting can be screwed directly into the ceiling or suspended if required. The tubes are lightweight and don't require too much support, just use the fixings provided that are molded into the connectors.

All of the LED tubes and connectors are manufactured to the highest quality and conform to all regulations, and we'll always be happy to help out should our lighting arrive and it's not up to your expectations.

Other size packs and bespoke orders also available on request please email or call us for more information. 

Our lighting has been used in a variety of commercial and domestic properties, from Barbershops to Tattoo Studios, to MOT Centres and Detailing Bays and even throughout the home in places such as utility rooms for a very unique looking space.

Please note that whilst we cannot install our hexagon lighting ourselves, we will always be happy to offer our advice and expertise should you require it in regards to the installation process, or a quick quote. You can contact our office at:

01707 229800


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