Lifestyle Profile - Blue

£26.00 per m2

Our Lifestyle product is one of the only truly multi-functional tiles available in the UK. The tiles are designed to be used in any weather condition or climate which makes Lifestyle the ideal outdoor flooring product. With over 6 different colours, you can turn any outdoor or indoor space into a beautiful area in just a few hours.

No adhesives are required, so you can simply interlock the tiles together and replace them individually if ever necessary.

To accommodate for harsh weather, the outdoor flooring products in the Lifestyle range have been manufactured with a structured linear system of holes that allows the any rain water to drain away. The holes also allow for excellent airflow which helps the floor to stay ventilated and cool in hot countries - A perfect outdoor floor tile for areas that get really hot and hard to walk on.

The Ideal Outdoor Floor Tile

Suitable For:

Swimming Pools
Wet Rooms
Sports Courts

Each tile measures 38cmx38cm so there are 7 tiles to one square metre. The tiles are 10.3 mm thick and can withstand 500 ton per metre squared so very hard wearing.

Technical Information

- Material ISO2076: Recyclable UV stabilized polypropylene
- Size of Tile EN427 / EN 428: 38cm x 38cm x 10.3mm
- Weight EN430: 2.884kgs/m2
- Point Load Standard: 130kgs per cm2 / 500 ton per m2
- Comfort: 85kg per cm2 / 300 ton per m2
- UV Stability: EN14836 - 4/5 - Excellent
- ISO105 B02: 7/8 - Excellent
- Weather Resistance: ASTM D1435 / ASTM G154 - Cycle A 4/5
- Slip Resistance: DIN51130 - R10
- Impact Resistance Standard:ISO179/1eA - +23oC = 20kj/m2 / -20oC = 5kj/m2
- Comfort: ISO179/1eA - NA
- Fire Rating: ISO11925-2 - Efl
- Packaging Packaging: Either 1m2 (7 Tiles) or 5m2 Boxes (35 Tiles)
- Max Pallet Volume: 180m2 Per Pallet
- Pallet Dimensions: 1.2m x 0.8m x 2.41m (Non-stackable) - 560kgs

Delivery Information

Delivery method depends on quantity ordered. Small orders will be delivered via Royal Mail, larger orders on a half or full pallet with express delivery.