Garage Grenade Plus


The Garage Grenade Plus system is an ingenious and simple to use alarm unit which is every thief's worst nightmare! The plus version works in a similar fashion to the standard garage grenade but is louder and larger for extra security & piece of mind.

The device has clip on fittings at each end for ease of use. Simply attach the alarm end around the item you want to alarm for example your motorbike, shed door etc using cable tiles or the plastic clip. And clip the other end on to any fixed point or item in your garage shed, house etc.

If the line is moved the pin will pull out and a 140db alarm will sound instantly.

There are many ways this alarm system can be set up depending on what area or item you are trying to alarm.

Batteries are included so it's ready to secure your belongings straight away. The batteries are replaceable and we can supply spare batteries when needed.

Delivery Information

2-3 working days estimated delivery via Royal Mail.