Outdoor Flooring

Garage Style are proud to offer a new range of flooring products for different environments. We believe that every flooring problem has a solution, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor application. We now offer a product that can meet the demanding requirements of outdoor activities such as swimming pool surrounds, patios, decks, event and exhibition flooring. Our outdoor flooring system is manufactured from polypropylene; a 100% recyclable thermoplastic polymer that has been UV stabilised. This material can withstand high temperatures and is not affected by sunlight. In addition to this, our outdoor flooring range is non-staining and highly durable with minimal maintenance requirements resulting in excellent performance and stunning visual impact in all weather conditions.

To accommodate adverse weather conditions, each tile has been designed with several self-draining channels; a structured linear system of holes that allow water to flow through the tile and drain away. The holes also allow for excellent airflow which helps the tiles to stay cool and remain stable in fluctuating temperatures – A perfect solution for swimming pool surrounds which would otherwise become very hot and uncomfortable to walk on with bare feet. Our tiles ensure extra comfort, great looks and extreme durability in all temperatures.

Typical Applications Include:

- Outdoor Flooring for Balconies, Patios, Terraces and Decking
- Swimming Pool Surrounds, Changing Rooms and Leisure Centre Flooring
- Sports, Tennis Court and Playground Surfaces
- Outdoor Events, Track Days, Retail and Exhibition Flooring

Each tile measures 380mm x 380mm (7 tiles = 1 square meter) and are available in a wide range of colours. They can withstand weights of up to 500 tons/square meter and can also be Cable Managed using our Cable Insert Strips and Cable Squares. Simply remove a Cable Square to allow the cable to come up through the floor and plug into your appliance.

Our outdoor tiles are very quick and easy to install using connectors and joints, eliminating the need for adhesives, screeds and additional bonding agents. Tapping a rubber mallet over the protruding rings easily interlocks the tiles together. This means they can be installed just as quickly as our indoor range with minimum or no disruption during installation. The tiles are easy to maintain and can be washed using a wide range of cleaning agents. Dust can be vacuumed up through the holes in the tile.

Benefits of Using Garage Style's outdoor flooring:

- Easy to install – no fasteners, adhesives or special tools.
- Adapts and conforms to the surface beneath – no need to smooth out any irregularities
- Easy-draining
- Can withstand high point loads
- Built in ventilation – allows the surface beneath to breathe and remain stable
- Moveable (easy to adapt to your changing needs)
- Maintenance-free
- Non-organic material (non-moisture- absorbing)

Our outdoor flooring range can also be rented for events. 
Please contact one of our team for further information or a specific quotation.