Garage Flooring

Quick and easy installation

Transform your garage into a stunning showroom in a matter of hours! Our range of PVC interlocking tiles are available in a variety of colours and textures to suit your specific requirements and are usually laid without the need for adhesives. Our ingenious modular interlocking design makes installation fast and easy with very limited disruption and no need for prior flooring experience. 

Interlocking Joints

Each one of our floor tiles comprises a smart and robust dovetail jointed edge, allowing tiles to be quickly and easily installed using a rubber mallet. The tiles can be laid directly over the existing surface and, in most cases, adhesives and screeds are not necessary. Simply choose your individual colour scheme to give your space a smart and modern look. Whether you go for the popular two colour chequered effect or a more complex design, the result is certain to impress! For the ultimate showroom effect, we can print or waterjet cut company logos and graphics into the flooring for extra wow factor!

Take it with you

If you move to a new house, simply take the tiles with you and reinstall them in your new garage. If the space is larger, add tiles from our standard colour range to match the existing tiles. If you damage a tile, you can replace it quickly and easily. No matter where you move to, you can always park in style in your showroom garage.

Slip Resistant 

Garage style’s flooring tiles are suitable for use in areas where there is an increased risk of slipping due to grease, oil or water. Our tiles are rated R10 with a low slip potential, significantly reducing slip hazards.

No marks, No Paint Cracks, No Damage 

Whilst our flooring tiles are not cheap to purchase, they do offer the lowest cost of ownership when compared to other flooring finishes. For example; traditional finishes such as paint, two-part epoxy and concrete are prone to cracking and peeling, particularly if they have not been applied properly. These finishes require a high degree of maintenance and often look tatty once they start to deteriorate. They are difficult and time consuming to clean and often stains and marks are permanent.

In contrast, our PVC flooring tiles can be laid directly over tired, worn out finishes and immediately transform your garage into the stylish showroom you desire. They are very easy and quick to clean and will provide you with a long lasting, low maintenance surface you can be proud of. Our flooring tiles are high performance and can withstand shocks, spillages, abrasion and will easily cope with axle stands, jacks, trolleys, heavy tool boxes on wheels and engine hoists, etc.

Easy DIY installation 

We offer a complete turnkey solution from supply to installation for all your garage flooring needs. However, our flooring tiles are quick and easy to install and are perfect for DIY applications where you may prefer to lay the floor yourself. No special tools are required and it really is as simple as using a rubber mallet to lock the tiles together. Cutting around the edges can be done using a sharp knife or a jig saw. Before you know it, your new floor will be ready for use. No waiting for paint or screeds to dry and no expensive bills to pay for damp-proof membranes and screeds to be laid. Just install, use and enjoy!

If you don’t have the time or inclination to install the flooring tiles yourself, we have an in-house installation team with extensive industrial flooring expertise. We also have access to an established team of sub-contractors across the UK and Europe. Garage Style offer our customers a one stop approach to specification, design and installation ensuring a trouble-free and simple solution for all your garage flooring needs.

10-year guarantee

We guarantee our PVC flooring tiles for an impressive 10 years as we are very confident that their high-performance features will provide you with trouble free and low maintenance operation. Our products have been rigorously tested and have a projected and proven lifespan of at least 20 years. Garage Style Ltd manufacture hard-wearing tiles that can withstand industrial levels of use, making them ideal for garage and workshop applications. The PVC tiles are 100% recyclable.

Professional Team

Our sales team offer a free site survey and are on hand to provide you with all the support and guidance you will need from start to finish. Please call us today to discuss your needs and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you to provide you with the ultimate garage flooring solution you desire.